Laboratory of Networked Systems, Yale University

P4P Portal


The Portal Server is run by ISPs who wish to provide P4P information to applications.


The Portal is subdivided into multiple packages:

  • p4p-portal-server: The Portal server itself
  • p4p-portal-shell: Command-line shell for configuring the server
  • p4p-portal-utils: Configuration visualization and analysis tools, including scripts for migrating older configurations.
  • p4p-portal-docs: Getting Started guide and example configurations

System Requirements

NOTE: Installing our pre-built packages using your distribution's package management system will automatically download and install any needed dependencies.

Current Features

  • Support for configuration syntax version 2.1
  • Statically-assigned intradomain and interdomain pDistances

Planned Enhancements

  • Plugin architecture for customized dynamic pDistance computation
  • Integration with BGP to ease defintions for interdomain policies
  • Clustering support

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